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Sociology / Anthropology Vitae


LeGrande Davies


Sociology & Anthropology




Your highest degree earned, its concentration/emphasis, institution, year earned:

Degree Concentration/emphasis

Ph.D. Middle East Studies: Anthropology


University of Utah

Year Earned


Certifications/licenses you currently hold:

Excavation license - State of Utah
Secondary Teaching Certification - State of Utah

Teaching Experience

How many years you have been teaching at Weber State University:

5 years

Your total years of teaching (including those at Weber State University):

32 years

From 19972003, what are examples of your most significant teaching developments, innovations, etc.

Introduced Anthropology on the high school level which is now providing concurrent enrollment credit as well as high school credit for Box Elder High School.

Research, Scholarship, Creative Activities

From 19972003, what are examples of your most significant research, scholarship, or creative activities?

The Willden Fort Project An ongoing project utilizing high school students exclusively to excavate, report, and publish an archaeological site.

 Public Service

 From 1997-2003, what are examples of your most significant professionally related service to the community (member/officer in professional organizations, consultant, presentations/speeches, etc)

I have visited High Schools, Junior Highs, Middle Schools and Elementary Schools MANY times, promoting Archaeology and Anthropology. I feel strongly about teaching and helping the young to understand what is really entailed in archaeology and anthropology, in preserving the past, not just the "Indiana Jones" concepts, which so many of them view as real life.

Chair of Accreditation Steering Committee:   Ryan Thomas, 626-7931