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Developmental English

Early in pursuing a degree, WSU students need to fulfill the composition requirement (English 1010 and 2020). In addition, many of today’s students must pass one or more developmental English courses in preparation for their composition requirement.

If you are a student with questions about which English course you need to take, please read our Developmental English Placement Information. For additional help, feel free to contact us.

Mission Statement

The Developmental English Program of Weber State University prepares students to be successful in university courses requiring writing, reading, and critical thinking by developing fundamental principles of literacy.

Using a brain-based, natural-learning pedagogical approach, faculty assist students with advancing basic skills and concepts, logical thinking and problem solving, and other life skills through feedback, active learning, self-monitoring, and assessment. The Developmental English Program lays the foundation for broader academic achievement.

Follow these links to learn more about the Developmental English program's goals and courses offered.

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