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Weber State University's Training Policies

You must preregister. You will not be considered registered in our classes until we receive the registration form and your payment. We require that you preregister for our classes for a couple of reasons: 1- Due to the amount of materials we distribute in class, we need to have an accurate count of how many caregivers will be attending each one and enough time to prepare them. 2- Weber State University has set strict guidelines for us to follow when handling money. They will not allow any money to remain in the office unsecured, overnight. We also do not want to put your information at risk by having it sit on a desk overnight. It is for your privacy and safety that we request you send in your money. Money can not be accepted at the training. Each registration form will let you know where to send it. Please check the training schedule page on our website to see if a class is full or has been rescheduled or canceled.

All training participants must review and sign the Statewide CAC Participant Code of Conduct each time you register. If there is no signature, your registration form will be sent back for you to sign. We will not be able to hold your spot in any class and you may miss out on the class that you want to register for. We are not able to register any one for a class without the signed copy of the Code of Conduct.


The registration form has the information we need for the Utah State Training Registry and must be filled out in full. An incomplete registration form will delay your registration and you may miss the class you are trying to register if it fills before we can collect the information we need. If you have any questions about the information we collect, you can contact our office at 801-626-7784.


If you are sending registrations for more than one person, you must include a registration form for each person and each person must sign the Participant Code of Conduct. The form has the information we need for the Utah State Training Registry, without it we cannot register you for any of our classes. Also, each person must sign a copy of the Utah State CAC Participant Code of Conduct. Without that signature, no one will be able to attend classes.


Registration for each class will close 7 days prior to the start of class. Registrations will not be accepted within a week of the class' start date. This will give us time to prepare the right amount of materials.


We register for classes one quarter at a time. You may register for the classes listed in our current newsletter. Each quarter's class schedule can be found in our quarterly newsletter, the Child Care Connector. The newsletter is published every September, December, March and June. The schedule and registration form will also be posted on our website shortly after it has been sent in the mail. Online registration through starts at the same time the newsletter is sent.


Sorry, we are not able to issue a refund. If we receive money from you for a class that is already full, we can give you the option of sending the check back to you or sending you a credit voucher. When a class is full, it will be posted on the training schedule page. You can always call our office at 801-626-7837 to check if the class is full before sending in the registration form or check our online schedule.


If you are unable to attend a class and you call at least three days before the first session starts, we can send you a credit voucher. Sorry, we are not able to refund money. Please be sure to call during office hours M-Th 7am-4:00pm, F 7am-1pm. You can reach us either at 801-626-7837, 801-626-7784, or toll free at 1-888-970-0101. We cannot issue a credit voucher if you fail to notify us before the first session of a class. If you have an emergency please call us and we will discuss your options.


Each 10 hour class is broken down into four sessions. If you miss one or two session(s) in a class, no money can be refunded. However, you can make it up when that session is taught again, without repaying. You also have the option of making-up the session you missed with another CAC agency without having to pay again. We have an agreement with our sister agencies that allows you to make up one or two sessions with them. Just contact them for their times and registration policies.


To register for a make-up session with us, simply fill out the registration form and circle the dates you need to make up, write "make-up" in the amount enclosed section and send it in. Be sure to include the signed Code of Conduct with the form. We have a limited number of make-up slots available for each night so please let us know if you are registered for a make-up session and are unable to attend.


We need to have a minimum number of caregivers enrolled to conduct the class. Classes, which don't meet these minimum numbers five days before the class, will be either canceled or rescheduled. We will notify you and send you a credit voucher for another class.


Classes may be canceled due to weather. We follow Weber State University's policies regarding this issue. If the campus is closed, our classes will be canceled. If not, classes will be held. You can call Weber State at 801-626-6000 to find out if the campus has been closed. We will also leave a message on our main phone line 801-626-7837. All classes canceled due to weather will be rescheduled.


Certificates are given to participants on the last day of class. If you do not receive a certificate within two weeks of the final session, contact our office at 801-626-7784. There will be a $5 charge for a replacement certificate.


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