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Are You Looking For Child Care? We maintain a database of state regulated child care providers in Weber, Davis & Morgan Counties which we can use to match your specific needs. We receive the names of licensed child care facilities from the Office of Child Care Licensing, then collect more information directly from these child care providers to help match them to your specific needs. There are three ways in which you can receive a personalized list of child care providers: First, You can visit or call our agency for a individualized consultation. 
Our referral specialists will collect the information we need to create your personalized list. This can take up to 5 minutes depending on the difficulty of your search criteria and the amount of information you are looking for.


You can submit your information via the referral request form.
Our referral specialists will use the information you provide to supply you with a customized list of child care providers.
You can find the form by clicking here.


You can search the database directly.
The database is available online at
If you are unable to find a provider that meets your needs searching directly, you can either call our agency at 801-626-7837 or use the referral request form. Our referral specialists will use your information to run a specialized search to find all possible options available for you.

Do You Need Help Paying for Child Care?

Child Care Aware has information about the more common options for child care assistance.


Here in Utah you can visit the Department of Workforce Services for information on state child care assistance.

Do You Need Something Other Than Child Care?

Visit our Other Care Options page for information on looking for a preschool, finding activities for summertime, or help with finding an afterschool program.

Care About Childcare - Weber State University

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Ogden UT 84408-1309
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Care About Childcare - Weber State University is a program of Weber State University's Jerry & Vickie Moyes College of Education's Child & Family Studies Department.

Funding is provided by the Child Care and Development Fund and the Department of Workforce Services, Office of Child Care.